When you want your teams to operate at peak efficiency or alleviate conflict, departmental silos or just plain dysfunction. Brad is able to support them to synergistically better serve both your internal and external clients. The Business-Achieve System supports team learning, commitment, accountability and expansion of perspectives to maximize their effectiveness.

Each stage of team development presents its own special challenges to a group of people striving to work together successfully by forming a cohesive team. Everyone can be a better team player but creating a team of true leaders who create other leaders is the best way to see sustainable organizational growth!

The quickest way to achieve your goal of enhancing your team is with a mentor to guide their path; because frankly, most people take a multitude of assessments or utilize self-help programs and seldom fully address the issues they have  uncovered. Plus, most executives will admit they are too busy working IN the business to work ON the business. And therefore the urgent seems to overwhelm the important. Real progress is almost impossible for someone to accomplish on our own.

It is also extremely important to concentrate on shoring up your organizational gaps including hiring practices with job descriptions, employee assessing, an on-boarding system, training and even firing of your employees. It’s easy to forget that losing an employee, in terms of cost extends much beyond just the salary.

The achievements of an organization are the results of the combined effort of each individual. Vince Lombardi

Six principals to support teams to work better:

  1. Have a purpose
  2. Leaders are raising up leaders
  3. Smaller teams, passionate toward goals
  4. Trust and open, honest communications
  5. Shared culture, differing opinions
  6. Mentor

So what are the Team issues are you facing? Perhaps now it the time to get a different perspective? Call 612-805-7440

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