Accelerating Marketing and Communications

How do you define marketing? If you ask 10 people, you will probably get 13 answers. The answers cover everything from Sales, Customer Service, Brand, Social Media, etc. A major reason for this is that there are 10 Disciplines of Marketing and each one provides a different perspectives and dimensions of marketing.

Then there is communication. In a worldwide study, communication was stated to be the number one issue for business executives. They were talking about the interpersonal dynamics of the organization which is the major contributor to engaged or disengaged employees and the company’s culture.

The A2A System addresses both marketing and communications. The A2A System is both an internal and external process that achieves a superior culture, escalates productivity, focuses employees on the customer and creates a brand-centric company.

A Dynamic Process That Gets Results

Think about a process that would allow you to strategically position your company in the eyes of your customers with a differentiated message while creating greater engagement and productivity with your employees. That’s what the JBLA2A System accomplishes:

The A2A System Strategically Positions Individuals and Companies to Build and Improve the Brand, Leadership, and Communications!

How Do We Do It? 

  1. Business Mentoring – engages and enhances individuals in the specific areas identified to grow ROI, the business and themselves.
  2. Leadership Development identifies and improves leadership Factors and Characteristics to exponentially improve engagement and productivity.
  3. Marketing/Communications Development achieves greater results in both your internal and external marketing and communications.

Using Three simple elements:


  • Internal/External Audit determines where you are, where you want to go and the best way to get there while positioning your company.
  • The L.E.A.D. Audit survey identifies specific leadership styles and characteristics gaps and the solutions to allow you to accomplish your highest and best you.


Focuses and prioritizes issues and creates a custom roadmap to get you the results that you seek faster.


Sets and achieves goals, improves leadership, communications, and customer experience while engaging your people.

Eleven of the twenty major pain points identified by entrepreneurs have a direct correlation to either marketing or communications. Is it time to fast-track your marketing/communications with the A2A System?


To find out more about the A2A System and what it addresses – give me a call 612-805-7440